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  • Devolution In Its Entirety: This Is The Plan. This Is War. 2:40:26 · 73.7K · 84 ; THE DIGITAL SOLIDER ROUNDTABLE ep. 10 with SPECIAL GUEST "DEVOLUTION EXPERT" ...

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  • The Midweek Ride with Thomas Ulmer and Karli Bonne' : "Dems Are Looking Pathetic" ep.46. TRUreporting. 419.

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  • Vincent James, creator of 'The Red Elephants' has been canceled from Youtube. You can still find him broadcasting at the following locations.

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  • Christian patriot news rumble. Join. It's Time to Wake Up! Christian Patriot News - Q: Sky Event! Bigger Than You Can Imagine!

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['Lark Davis', YOUTUBE, 'UCl2oCaw8hdR_kbqyqd2klIA'], ['Hashoshi', YOUTUBE, 'UCQNHKsYDGlWefzv9MAaOJGA'], ['Coin Bureau', YOUTUBE, 'UCqK_GSMbpiV8spgD3ZGloSw'], ['Digital Asset News', YOUTUBE, 'UCJgHxpqfhWEEjYH9cLXqhIQ'], ['Dapp University', YOUTUBE, 'UCY0xL8V6NzzFcwzHCgB8orQ'], ['DataDash', YOUTUBE, 'UCCatR7nWbYrkVXdxXb4cGXw'], ['Sheldon Evans', YOUTUBE, 'UCZ3fejCy_P5xhv9QF-V6-YA'], ['Alex Becker', YOUTUBE, 'UCKQvGU-qtjEthINeViNbn6A'], ['JRNY Crypto', YOUTUBE, 'UC188KLMYLLGqVJZdYq7mYFw'], ['Benjamin Cowen', YOUTUBE, 'UCRvqjQPSeaWn-uEx-w0XOIg'], ['Preston Pysh', YOUTUBE, 'UCLTdCY-fNXc1GqzIuflK-OQ'], ['Bankless', YOUTUBE, 'UCAl9Ld79qaZxp9JzEOwd3aA'], ['PatrickByrne', RUMBLE, 'PatrickByrne' ], ['PatriotStreetfighter', RUMBLE, 'PatriotStreetfighter' ], ['Creel', YOUTUBE, 'UCq7dxy_qYNEBcHqQVCbc20w'], ['Dr. Eric Berg', YOUTUBE, 'UC3w193M5tYPJqF0Hi-7U-2g'], ['Jerry Brainum', YOUTUBE, 'UCy3X58lwho_w1DsIgV7V7xg'], ['Dr. Philip Oubre, MD', YOUTUBE, 'UCvGAY-5kSoCxahkDoeCJRfA'], ['Dr Brad Stanfield', YOUTUBE, 'UCpcvPcHJVOkO9Qp79BOagTg'], ['Ford Brewer MD MPH', YOUTUBE, 'UCmoEsq6a6ePXxgZeA4CVrUw'], ['Dr. Rhonda Patrick', YOUTUBE, 'UCWF8SqJVNlx-ctXbLswcTcA'], ['Dr. Mark Hyman, MD', YOUTUBE, 'UC5IuDMmKWSsBFB0iKky6aEQ'], ['The Highwire with Dell Big Tree', RUMBLE,'c-356275' ], ['Dr Sherri Tenpenny', RUMBLE, 'c-593647' ], ['Crypto Banter', YOUTUBE, 'UCN9Nj4tjXbVTLYWN0EKly_Q'], ['Altcoin Daily', YOUTUBE, 'UCbLhGKVY-bJPcawebgtNfbw'], ['BitBoy Crypto', YOUTUBE, 'UCjemQfjaXAzA-95RKoy9n_g'], ['Ryan Dawson', BITCHUTE, 'kCBxN1oEVOa0' ], ['Sargon of Akkad', YOUTUBE, 'UC-yewGHQbNFpDrGM0diZOLA'], ['Lauren Southern', YOUTUBE, 'UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg'], ['Russell Brand', YOUTUBE, 'UCswH8ovgUp5Bdg-0_JTYFNw'], ['99Bitcoins', YOUTUBE, 'UCQQ_fGcMDxlKre3SEqEWrLA'], ['Crypto Dad', YOUTUBE, 'UCS8RlHFegeN4yrDW6jPSYuQ'], ['Dollar Vigilante', BITCHUTE, 'DkNYbFJKDPpX' ], ['Judicial Watch', YOUTUBE, 'UCGDaOZg2INC0Qg2Z203F1dA'], ['WhatsHerFace', YOUTUBE, 'UCMZjeadL0c2PSix1Gr7mqKw'], ['FreedomToons', YOUTUBE, 'UCRXnOs1rjfLMYrtZ-0n29NA'], ['Common Sense Soapbox', YOUTUBE, 'UCRP7zAaW64tGw26Ee2h-l-Q'], ['The Salty Cracker', BITCHUTE, 's7sIruG9mgWl' ], ['Journey to Truth', YOUTUBE, 'UCRRvPkqEdeu2Pjd52qfXTlA'], ['Sara Carter', YOUTUBE, 'UC_x1RxL7HFnKyC0czqGfBug'], ["Real America's Voice", YOUTUBE, 'UCMGZ8pfQHgZ6Yj0-92PMENg'], ['Rebel News', YOUTUBE, 'UCGy6uV7yqGWDeUWTZzT3ZEg'], ['The Solari Report', YOUTUBE, 'UC8Vq8rpqluEF07NSt9ipCkQ'], ['Dr. Steve Turley', YOUTUBE, 'UCCsiAKRKcgzA_372WbXNBaw'], ['SCNR', YOUTUBE, 'UCLMSv1UJp9sfoHyo-9s6sdw'], ['HighImpactFlix', BITCHUTE, 'highimpactflix' ], ['Lisa Haven', YOUTUBE, 'UCBDrbqudUtPUQxAK_K2JaNQ'], ['The Conscious Resistance Network', BITCHUTE, 'v4jgxgSNfpCX' ], ['Rudy W. Guiliani', YOUTUBE, 'UC-9J07yyuXQTx_uZQchtwsg'], ['Really Graceful', YOUTUBE, 'UCY-UU3bN4FkMILC-CMd8N5w'], ['The Crowhouse', BITCHUTE, 'tj99AwcN3zlH' ], ['Lionel Nation', YOUTUBE, 'UCa3-BNaCeCvGSfhMuotYskg'], ['CitizensInvestigativeReport', BITCHUTE, '9J9QUFu3D8rS' ], ['Truthstream Media', YOUTUBE, 'UCVEaFSr-jdTa_QE4PPSkVJw'], ['Caravan to Midnight', YOUTUBE, 'UCuHJMn2CfyxMPGPzFww_3bA'], ['Sam Tripoli', YOUTUBE, 'UCBgldhBkwIxoQp0fxBg8pgA'], ['Craig Mason', BITCHUTE, 'aSnzQyGMuvod' ], ['Dan Bongino', RUMBLE, 'Bongino' ], ['Natly Denise', YOUTUBE, 'UCXqqnMguDZ7vhB73xM7uR0Q'], ['Declassified with Gina Shakespeare', YOUTUBE, 'UCw14RqKlnGoxHPHmqO9LxEQ'], ['Earthfiles', YOUTUBE, 'UCN9WjlKBvjBIm3AWDXI1EUA'], ['RichardMDolan', YOUTUBE, 'UCnaIeNm-jSa1l8yHrn7PlQg'], ['Slightly Offens*ve', YOUTUBE, 'UCMRxoFJPZiBcxgFzxN0ao-w'], ['Dr. David Jockers', YOUTUBE, 'UCIAZtlZSFlnBp_hAlvB6QSw'], ['I,Hypocrite', YOUTUBE, 'UCKGLZ1K7jKfi_42bHxdCBrA'], ['Matt Walsh', YOUTUBE, 'UCO01ytfzgXYy4glnPJm4PPQ'], ['CDMedia', RUMBLE, 'CDMedia' ], ['Man In America', YOUTUBE, 'UCWYpdDqpiqWJR63qvFdMTGQ'], ['ODD TV', YOUTUBE, 'UCuftdXePz6z73Wsg8Ao5lTg'], ['Bret Weinstein', ODYSEE, 'BretWeinstein' ], ['Behizy', ODYSEE, 'Behizy' ], ['BannonsWarRoom', RUMBLE, 'BannonsWarRoom' ], ['Jovan Hutton Pulitzer', RUMBLE, 'c-1037371' ], ["Children's Health Defense", RUMBLE, 'childrenshealthdefense' ], ['Donald Trump', RUMBLE, 'DonaldTrump' ], ['Gothix', YOUTUBE, 'UC0UoMX5ed9Ax_up8lkM0N0g'], ['KanekoaTheGreat', RUMBLE, 'KanekoaTheGreat' ], ['MotivationalDoc', YOUTUBE, 'UCKcWSiffY8MpZ3NKav8LeRA'], ['The John Birch Society', YOUTUBE, 'UCD_PvRz7fvX9WOBL6T4P45Q'], ['Thomas DeLauer', YOUTUBE, 'UC70SrI3VkT1MXALRtf0pcHg'], ['Pete Santilli Interviews', RUMBLE, 'PeteSantilliInterviews' ], ['April Moss', RUMBLE, 'c-1081514' ], ['Roosh V', BITCHUTE, 'tPPHz1npTCgk' ], ['After Skool', YOUTUBE, 'UC1KmNKYC1l0stjctkGswl6g'], ['Academy of Ideas', YOUTUBE, 'UCiRiQGCHGjDLT9FQXFW0I3A'], ['Glen Greenwald', RUMBLE, 'GGreenwald' ], ['Dr. John Campbel', YOUTUBE, 'UCF9IOB2TExg3QIBupFtBDxg'], ['Dr. Paul Thomas Md', YOUTUBE, 'UC6uLAeupunADT4mhv_c_epQ'], ['Robert Scott Bell', RUMBLE, 'RSBellMedia' ], ['Viva Frei', YOUTUBE, 'UCzGiDDKdphJ0GFvEd82WfYQ'], ['Nicholas Veniamin', BITCHUTE, 'jcOs2EA1BUJH' ], ['Alpa Soni', YOUTUBE, 'UCeTRiTsNoUqMl6cuhm63QDA'], ['Joe Rogan', SPOTIFY, '4rOoJ6Egrf8K2IrywzwOMk' ], ['Dana Loesch', YOUTUBE, 'UCMgU2c86gIV4s408gNwl-hQ'], ['Dr. Mercola', RUMBLE, 'Mercola' ], ['Dr. Darren Schmidt, DC', YOUTUBE, 'UC_XAkQmLOnNrWRC4rckr1wg'], ['Ben Shapiro', YOUTUBE, 'UCnQC_G5Xsjhp9fEJKuIcrSw'], ['Michael Knowles', YOUTUBE, 'UCr4kgAUTFkGIwlWSodg43QA'], ['Mel K Show', RUMBLE, 'TheMelKShow' ], ['Philip DeFranco', YOUTUBE, 'UClFSU9_bUb4Rc6OYfTt5SPw'], ['Breaking Points', YOUTUBE, 'UCDRIjKy6eZOvKtOELtTdeUA'], ['George Galloway', YOUTUBE, 'UCf_HItERkRB3vnkWt2RSOLg'], ['Kim Iverson', YOUTUBE, 'UCoJTOwZxbvq8Al8Qat2zgTA'], ['Gavin McInnes', BITCHUTE, 'wQM1mHJYYezz' ], ['Monica Matthews', YOUTUBE, 'UCgdOEYK4G9Ku6nXJtxahdvg'], ['JD Rucker Show', RUMBLE, 'JDRuckerShow' ], ['Rekieta Law', YOUTUBE, 'UCbkjX3E0IhuUfPzL0FjSPaw'], ['Woke Societies', RUMBLE, 'WokeSocieties' ], ['Citizen Media News', YOUTUBE, 'UCNWaeBhhFcZVQE2UqQsMXsA'], ['Red Voice Media', RUMBLE, 'RedVoiceMedia' ], ['TRUreporting', RUMBLE, 'TRUreporting' ], ['Clif High', BITCHUTE, 'HBBwqdoMy7Gz' ], ['The Alpha Warrior Show', RUMBLE, 'TheAlphaWarriorShow' ], ['Ivory Hecker', YOUTUBE, 'UCr4iMJDCSdzkfgmXHVpX9Rw'], ['Nick Moseder', RUMBLE, 'NickMoseder' ], ['Neil Johnson', YOUTUBE, 'UCsPefdHXI74iqgvaUo0L4bg'], ['Cooper Stuff', YOUTUBE, 'UCVyns6BCG0OtS_n5Vqjg-sA'], ['Sarah Corriher', YOUTUBE, 'UClFE0KTVxyOB7lpZ-JdD1Rw'], ['Jeremy Herrell', RUMBLE, 'LFATV' ], ['Jeff Dornik Show', RUMBLE, 'TheJeffDornikShow' ], ['Two Mikes', RUMBLE, 'TwoMikes' ], ['On The Fringe', RUMBLE, 'OnTheFringe' ], ['And We Know', RUMBLE, 'AndWeKnow' ], ['Mr Truth Bomb', BITCHUTE, 'MrTruthBomb' ], ['Conservative Daily', RUMBLE, 'ConservativeDaily' ], 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"UCD2-QVBQi48RRQTD4Jhxu8w"], ["Liberal Hivemind", YOUTUBE, "UCIr4vkCsn0tdTW2xZ1jRG1g"], ["Macroaggressions", ODYSEE, "Macroaggressions" ], ["Canadian Prepper", YOUTUBE, "UCfgtuaUadGgOA-91geQ8Qog"], ["Matt Gaetz", RUMBLE, "RepMattGaetz" ], ["Sivaady", RUMBLE, "sivaady" ], ["Brittany Venti", YOUTUBE, "UCLGRZ0xSaBMIUmtn8wkPP3w"], ["RED PILL PORTAL", BITCHUTE, "mgch3U4zv1lF" ], ["Ganzalo Lira", YOUTUBE, "UCfUzUq5L9NFv2GMVGbEBgkg"], ["Union of the Unwanted", ODYSEE, "uotuw:e" ], ["BraveTV", RUMBLE, "BraveTV" ], ["Jason Bermas", RUMBLE, "TheInfoWarrior" ], ["Isaac Smith", YOUTUBE, "UCj4renCkNCt4wY89BMdwoaw"], ["Titus Smith", YOUTUBE, "UC_EyZ7IiQLFYpsipHVXUmgg"], ["Jim Breuer", RUMBLE, "JimBreuer" ], ["Project Veritas Action", YOUTUBE, "UCEE8w-v6Gg4j3ze3oX-urEw"], ["AlisonMorrow", RUMBLE, "AlisonMorrow" ], ["Know More News", BITCHUTE, "qPYBk4x8LaDs" ], ["Conversations That Matter", RUMBLE, "ConversationsThatMatterTNA"], ["The Real News Network", YOUTUBE, "UCrmm_7RDZJeQzq2-wvmjueg"], ["The Convo Couch", RUMBLE, "TheConvoCouch" ], ["Ryan Matta", YOUTUBE, "UCUBwBSeW51ZflGMPE-2kjwA"], ["The Litter Box", RUMBLE, "InTheLitterBox" ], ["Evenge of the Cis", RUMBLE, "EvengeOfTheCis" ], ["Kimberly Guilfoyle", RUMBLE, "KimberlyGuilfoyle" ], ["DML", RUMBLE, "DML" ], ["AE911Truth", YOUTUBE, "UCL-c_zvZ3lhlU7NU1ikxgmQ"], ["DonaldJTrumpJr", RUMBLE, "DonaldJTrumpJr" ], ] # fmt: on NETWORK_ORPHANED = [ "Bill Maher", "Creel", # Learn to code edition (TODO). 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Guiliani", "Really Graceful", "The Crowhouse", "Lionel Nation", "CitizensInvestigativeReport", "Truthstream Media", "Caravan to Midnight", "Sam Tripoli", "Craig Mason", "Dan Bongino", "Natly Denise", "Declassified with Gina Shakespeare", "Earthfiles", "RichardMDolan", "Rebel News", "Sara Carter", "Journey to Truth", "The Salty Cracker", "Common Sense Soapbox", "FreedomToons", "WhatsHerFace", "Judicial Watch", "Dollar Vigilante", "Lauren Southern", "Sargon of Akkad", "Ryan Dawson", "PatriotStreetfighter", "PatrickByrne", "Memology 101", "Sydney Watson", "Akkad Daily", "Alen Dershowitz", "The Stoa", "America Uncovered", "China Unscripted", "laowhy86", "serpentza", "ADVChina", "NTDChinaUncensored", "Charisma on Command", "Styxhexenhammer666", "The Art of Improvement", "Whitney Cummings", "Other People's Lives", "The Christopher Wright Show", "Andy Ngo", "Dr Rashid A Buttar", "Fleccas Talks", "Press For Truth", "The School of Life", "Senator Ted Cruz", "Joe Scott", "Chris D'Elia", "1791", "Tim Ferriss", "Black Conservative Patriot", "Armored Skeptic", "Candace Owens", "The Truth Factory", "Tim Dillon Show", "Tim Dillon Show Clips", "The Tech Lead Show", "AdamcastIRL", "The John-Henry Westen Show", "Robert Gruler", "Matt Christiansen", "Chrissie Mayr", "Corey's Digs", "Jack Murphey Live", "Jordan B Peterson", "Anthony Brian Logan", "Doug Billings", "Theo Von", "Ryan Long", "Mr Obvious", "The Federalist", "TimPool", "Lex Fridman", "PowerfulJRE", "Paul Joseph Watson", "AwakenWithJP", "Thunderf00t", "Wearechange", "StevenCrowder", "Lauren Chen", "Rubin Report", "Rebel Wisdom", "Mark Dice", "RockingMrE", "TheQuartering", "The Jimmy Dore Show", "James Allsup", "Scott Adams", "Timcast IRL", "The Epoch Times News", "MrReagan", "The Last American Vagabond", "RSBN", "corbettreport", "Crossroads", "VALUETAINMENT", "American Thought Leaders", "PragerUniversity", "Liberty Hangout", "Lara Trump", "Maryam Henein", "DeceptionBytes", "Quite Frankly", "Ann Vandersteel | Steel Truth Medial", "SGTReport", "RedPill78", "Gateway Pundit", "ThePeteSantilliShow", "Computing Forever", "The Savvy Truth", "Spiro Skouras", "MouthyBuddha", "JordanSather", "EdgeofWonder", "VoxDay", "MillieWeaver", "Brendon O'Connel", "SarahWestall", "RichieFromBoston", "Dave Janda", "Thomas Wictor", "Black Pigeon Speaks", "The Truth About Cancer", "JustInformed Talk", "Dustin Nemos", "InPursuitOfTruth", "Stroppy", "DiamondandSilk", "IntheMatrixxx", "Health Ranger Report", "The Outer Light", "Ice Age Farmer", "Stefan Molyneux", "Matt Couch", "AmazingPolly", "An0maly", "Project Veritas", "Tracy Beanz", "Black Pilled", ] NETWORK_CRYPTO = [ "99Bitcoins", "Crypto Dad", "Alex Becker", "JRNY Crypto", "Lark Davis", "Hashoshi", "Coin Bureau", "Digital Asset News", "Dapp University", "DataDash", "Sheldon Evans", "JRNY Crypto", "Benjamin Cowen", "Preston Pysh", "Bankless", "Crypto Banter", "Altcoin Daily", "BitBoy Crypto", ] NETWORK_MAP: Dict[str, Any] = { "independent": { "channel_data": NETWORK_INDEPENDENT, "max_days": 3, }, "mainstream": { "channel_data": NETWORK_CON_INC, "max_days": 3, }, "populist": { "channel_data": NETWORK_POPULIST, "max_days": 3, }, "health": { "channel_data": NETWORK_HEALTH, "max_days": 7, }, "crypto": { "channel_data": NETWORK_CRYPTO, "max_days": 3, }, } TRENDING = set(NETWORK_CON_INC + NETWORK_INDEPENDENT + NETWORK_POPULIST)

14. trureportingposts - Telegram channel posts - TRU REPORTING POSTS

  • 11 jan 2021 · Son Of WEF Cofounder: "Arrest Those People Immediately" w/ Pascal Najadi & Dr Victory – Ask Dr. Drew. "My father was a co-founder" of the ...

  • Telegram channel overview - TRU REPORTING POSTS - @trureportingposts in Telegram on Telemetrio

15. Pilled

  • Please pray for my healing, Foxhole fam... this is a nasty flare up. I haven't left my bed or eaten anything solid in 5 days now.

  • Pilled is a new & growing social media network focused on giving the freedom of choice, speech, and expression—regardless of political viewpoints. Live stream, post articles, content, videos, pictures, create public/private groups, send encrypted direct messages, and support your favorite content creators without worry about you or them being censored or de-platformed because of differing political viewpoints..

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